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Getting Open Sound System source code

Open Sound System (binary) installation packages for various operating systems are available from our download page. These binaries are licensed under the 4Front commercial license and have a 6 month trial license. Commercial support is available for this version when you order the license from the OSS home page.

Official source code of OSS is available from our source download site under the GPLv2, BSD and CDDL 1.0 licenses. This is the stable version (v4.0) of the Open Sound System.

There is also a Mercurial (hg) source code repository (at that contains the latest development version (v4.2) of Open Sound System.

Please note that this Mercurial (hg) repository should only be used by developers who would like to contribute to OSS. The OSS version contained in it is usually in the middle of intensive hacking and potentially dangerous. It must not be installed to any kind of production system or to a computer that contains important files.

Important bug fixes to the development version will be verified and back ported to the stable version. There are no fees or any other requirements  to become an Open Sound developer. Contributions to OSS must be accompanied by a signed contributor's agreement (see sidebar). 

Getting technical support and reporting bugs

If you are a licensed customer you can file a service request using our technical support form. Other users can use our community support forum to get help.

An Open Sound developer's mailing list is also available to developers who want technical discussions with 4Front. There is

However if you have downloaded the source code and find a bug in it you should report it to the oss-devel mailing list (see above). We are currently evaluating various bug tracking systems and an one for OSS will be opened in the future.