Open Sound System
Developer Support Services

Do you have problems with Open Sound System (OSSv4) based application development?

No problem!

4Front Technologies provides wide range of consulting and custom software development services:

  • Quick source code reviews to identify possible OSS related problems in your application.

  • Application architecture design.

  • Audio hardware architecture design.

  • Implementation of source code templates for the audio related parts of your application.

  • Fixing 3rd party applications that use the older OSSv3 API.

  • Porting non-OSS applications to support the OSS API.

  • Porting OSS to new operating systems and CPU architectures.

  • Designing low level OSS drivers for new hardware (including custom chips).

  • Audio related application development and software integration from scratch.

For more info, please contact Hannu Savolainen.

DSP development services

In addition our OSS/3D team provides development services for high quality DSP solutions, including: